Bleona, Star of the New Reality Series, “Euros of Hollywood” Knows How to Get What She Wants

Bleona  Bleona

The Bleona timeline is an impressive one. Starting from the age of five, dancing and singing on the Albanian equivalent of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called, The House of Pionieri, to performing for thousands of adoring Albanians as a fresh teenager, Bleona has made it her life’s ambition to find her way into the hearts of people everywhere.

Bleona   Bleona

Bleona lives to challenge herself and her latest challenge is her role on Bravo’s new show titled, “Euros of Hollywood.” Now, even Americans can be privy to the diva’s mischievous sense of humor and sometimes villainous sense of fun. The show follows six Europeans who have transplanted themselves in Hollywood and hilariously sling back whatever comes their way. Bleona is the dark-haired, silver tongued goddess who is not used to doing the little things for herself, and viewers will be charmed and amused by her entanglements.

Bleona   Bleona

She holds an Acting Degree from Tirana Academy of the Performing Arts in Albania, and has studied at the International Acting School in Rome, Italy. Her talents lie in acting, music and getting her female-empowerment message across through the songs she sings and the attitude she portrays. “Euros of Hollywood” represents years of unyielding ambition by Bleona to rise to the top, be the best, and never letting anyone tell her she can’t follow her dreams. She strives to send this message to young women everywhere, and through her song, FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous), she unveils a true warrior spirit that every person who is just shy of getting what they want can relate to.

Bleona  Bleona  Bleona

Being the woman warrior that she is has gotten her where she is today – poised at the foothills of American stardom. By using all of her charisma, panache and emulous spirit, she is bound to elegantly attack any boundaries that are put in her way.

Bleona  Bleona

Bleona  Bleona  Bleona  Bleona

Bleona  Bleona


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