Diva Bleona Competes Against Herself

Bleona    Bleona

When you compete against other people, you may never truly realize your full potential. When you compete against yourself, however, as Bleona Qereti does, your potential keeps expanding itself into the stratosphere. Bleona, star of the new Bravo series “Euros of Hollywood” loves challenges; she thrives on challenges and holds strongly to the belief of “girl power” – which has led some people to think her to be too critical. But if being critical gets her what she wants, then critical is what she is. “I live to challenge myself. There is no better way of living,” she said. “Don’t let anyone else kill your dreams and tell you that “you can’t make it.” The only thing standing between yourself and your goals is your own bullshit story that you keep telling yourself of why you can’t achieve something.”

Bleona  Bleona

By competing against herself, Bleona has risen from the barely-noticed country of Albania to a mega-watt diva of incomparable ambition and charm.

Bleona  Bleona

Bleona Qereti   Bleona

Bleona  Bleona Qereti


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