Bleona: Portrait of a Woman Warrior

Bleona    Bleona

She’s strong. She’s beautiful. She’s mouthy and she stands up for what she believes. Bleona is famous in her native Albania and has performed in front of hundreds of thousands throughout Europe. Her female empowerment songs are borne from her own experiences of slicing and dicing the traditional and becoming the first ever Albanian pop star. From the time she was just five years old Bleona has been entertaining the masses with not only her supermodel good looks, but also her abrasive and hard-hitting sense of humor and her uncanny ability to wield her perfect femininity to get her message across.

Bleona    Bleona

Now starring in her own Bravo reality series, this “Euros of Hollywood” star is allowing America access to her fiercely unmitigated ambition toward becoming a true global goddess in every sense of the word. Catch “Euros of Hollywood” on Bravo every Monday at 10.

Bleona    Bleona

Bleona     Bleona

Bleona    Bleona


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