Bleona Takes it Like a Man

Bleona Qereti Bleona QeretiBleona Qereti is known worldwide for her bold and rebellious diva attitude. She’s a turbulent force of female empowerment, and often produces songs that brazenly display her “I don’t give a f***” attitude. Her first single, “Let Me Be Free,” was released in her native Albania in 1996, where she then delivered songs like “I Don’t Care,” “You Weren’t Man Enough for Me,” and “You Deserved It.” These songs, deeply entrenched in the idea of a woman’s strength, propelled her to the top of the charts and she became one of the top touring acts in Europe.

Bleona Qereti Bleona QeretiLiving in America since 2009, Bleona Qereti has churned out music that has been celebrated by America’s clubs. With top producer Timbaland, she produced “Pass Out,” and “Take it Like A Man” produced by StopWaitGo from the UK is now a radio edit by Dj Obscene available on iTunes and her latest single, “FUIF (F*** I’m Famous) is dominating the charts. This pop track contains a message that has become an anthem for underage wannabe clubbers all over the world.

Bleona Qereti Bleona QeretiBleona Qereti


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