Bleona’s “F*** You I’m Famous” Encourages Her Fans To Follow Their Dreams

When Albanian superstar Bleona played New York City’s historic Webster Hall on her first tour of the United States, she knew immediately that she had to relocate from her native country and live here. Soon after, her dreams came to fruition, when Bleona was offered an opportunity to work on numerous television and music projects, including working with multi platinum and Grammy- award winning producer Timbaland, she now calls America home.

Bleona Qereti
As one can surely tell by now, Bleona’s whole career has been based on staying true to her own vision, not compromising, and following her dreams. On September 15th when Bleona’s latest single “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous)” is released on iTunes, her message, that a person can do anything she sets her mind to, is destined to inspire a whole new generation of young women to crowd the dance floors with the attitude of a millionaire.

Bleona Qereti
“F*** You I’m Famous,” Bleona’s audacious collaboration with producer/songwriter Alex Cantrall (Kelly Clarkson, Pink) was written, Bleona confides,  as “an anthem for every 17-year-old girl who can’t get into the clubs  because she is underage, or any other person who can’t get into the clubs because they are not ‘famous’ enough.”

Bleona Qereti
Bleona has always encouraged young women to take control of their own destinies, and to not allow others to discourage them from pursuing their dreams. “I think every woman has the right to follow their dreams,” Bleona asserts, “and my songs have a real message of girl power.” As someone who has created a spectacularly successful pop music career from a country where such an industry didn’t even exist, Bleona is a credible example of girl power in action.

Bleona Qereti
When released on September 15th, “F*** You I’m Famous” will remind her fans that they, too, should stand up for what they believe.

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