Bleona Makes Her Presence Felt With New Single “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous”)”

Bleona Qereti always knew she was going to be a star. Since the age of 5, when she was chosen to hand out flowers to the Prime Minister and other dignitaries in her homeland of Albania, to the moment she was invited onstage as a 9-year-old at a party for the Albanian Secret Service, whom her father worked for, and she stuck around singing for two hours, Bleona knew she had what it takes to dominate a stage and make her voice heard. It was that “take charge” attitude which propelled her into the limelight, and convinced her that nothing would stand in the way of her show business aspirations.

Bleona Qereti

Bleona is making her voice heard again with “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous),” the latest in a long line of female empowerment anthems from the Albanian superstar. Bleona describes the song as “an anthem for every 17-year-old girl who can’t get into the clubs because she is underage, or any other person who can’t get into the clubs because they are not ‘famous’ enough.” Obviously, the song is meant as a humorous take on the diva attitude that Bleona, and many of her fans, represent, but it also contains the serious statement of intent that people should follow their own instincts, and not let the judgment of others keep them down.

Bleona Qereti

This is a belief that Bleona has followed since she was a child star in Albania. “I just want people to give me a chance,” Bleona reasons, “and if they don’t give me a chance, I’m going to take it anyway!” “FUIF” can currently be heard on her YouTube channel, where it has already registered almost 50,000 hits since she released it in May, and it will be available beginning September 15th on iTunes. In addition, Bleona will be touring Australia, Europe, and her own birthplace of Albania later this year. She is well worth checking out, to see for yourself what all the commotion is about.

Bleona Qereti

To learn more about Bleona, go to:


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