Summer’s Getting Hotter with Bleona’s “FUIF”

Bleona, the distinctly named international popstar, is hard at work on her first American album with such heavyweight friends as DQ (Beyoncé, Pussycat Dolls), Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus), and RoccStar (Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez). In anticipation of the album’s completion, Bleona has made available on her BleonaWorld YouTube channel the album’s first release, “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous).” “FUIF” will comfortably take its place among Bleona’s other female empowerment anthems, such as “Take it Like a Man” and “Without You,” as well as her celebrations of dance party fun, like “Pass Out” and “Show Off.”

Bleona Qereti

“FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous)” will be officially released on iTunes September 15th, and a tour of Bleona’s native Albania, in addition to Europe, and Australia, will shortly follow. Bleona describes “FUIF” as “the anthem of every 17-year-old girl who can’t get into the clubs because she is underage, or any other person who can’t get into the clubs because they are not ‘famous’ enough.” Bleona, who has been famous since she was 5-years-old when she was chosen as the flower girl for Albania’s Prime Minister, has had no problem getting into the clubs for some time.

Bleona Qereti

Her new single should also not have any problems getting into the clubs. “F*** You I’m Famous” was an immediate success when it premiered earlier this year at Jeffery Sanker’s legendary “White Party” to 30,000 of Palm Springs, California’s craziest. Bleona’s “FUIF,” a collaboration with hitmakers Alex Cantrall, Fuego, and RoccStar, is full of her trademark attitude, spirit, and humor. Just as summer starts winding down, Bleona’s September 15th release of “FUIF” promises to kick down the doors and heat things up again. “F*** You I’m Famous” is Bleona’s message for girls everywhere to follow their dreams and not compromise, just like Bleona herself.

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