Bleona Faces Her Challenges And Follows Her Dreams

When Bleona wakes up in the morning, there is no telling where she will be; maybe St. Tropez, Paris, Milan, or Ibiza. Having toured the world professionally in support of her numerous top selling singles and albums since a teenager, Bleona incorporated the glamor discovered on her global adventures into her mind-blowing stage show, as well as to her personal life. She counts clothing designer Roberto Cavalli amongst her best friends, and was introduced to multi-million selling producer David Foster by multi-billionaire Donald Trump. Her career has also propelled her to perform for practically every billionaire and dignitary in Europe and Russia. So, why did Bleona finally move to America?

Bleona Qereti

Basically, capturing the American market is only one more step in Bleona’s goal of total world domination. Bleona sees life as a series of challenges, and she feels that you can do anything you set your mind to. “We are all our own competition,” Bleona asserts, “and the only person who you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” Perhaps that is why her songs of female empowerment have made such an impact on the dance floor, and have catapulted her to the top of the charts all over Europe.

Bleona Qereti

Bleona makes a conscious effort to promote a positive message with her music, explaining, “I believe that every woman has the power to follow her dreams.” At one time her goal was to become an icon in her home country of Albania and, having accomplished that, she wanted to rule the dance floors of Europe. Now, Bleona is in America, where her work with producer Timbaland (“Pass Out”) and mixmaster Reid Stefan (“Take it Like a Man”) did not go unnoticed in the clubs. On September 15th, Bleona’s “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous),” a collaboration with songwriter/producer Alex Cantrall (Justin Timberlake, Fergie) will be released on iTunes, and once again her message of “no compromise” will have this nation dancing.

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